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Perhaps one the most interesting and fascinating area of  Anatolia will be discovered through this cruise by traditional Turkish wooden boats called gulets, which actually are sailboats but are generally used as cruise boats. Embarking one of the best gulets of the country at Gocek, you will cruise along the turquoise waters of one of the oldest sailing routes, which runs along the Lycian coastline. Stay overnight in the gorgeous coves or bays which gave shelter to the sea-peoples of the second millennium B.C and Greek and Roman navy and merchant ships. The small ancient harbor sites of Lycia that will be visited during daily excursions, will give a full impression of this unique land and its people. The Lycians, or Lukka, as they were mentioned in the 2nd millennium texts, were the bravest of the Trojan allies in the Iliad.

Meals will be served aboard or taken at specially chosen seaside restaurants with many of the best dishes of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine.


Gulets are wooden-hulled boats, traditionally built along the coast of Turkey, which have evolved into motor/sail yachts. Averaging between 70 to 80 feet in length, they have a broad beam and two masts. The wide aft deck is ideal for dining, where an awning provides protection from the sun. The spacious forward deck has plenty of room for moving around and sunbathing. Comfort is what to expect on these classic boats.
An average boat has 4 to 6 cabins below deck with double and twin beds. Each cabin has a porthole and a head and shower with hot water. The galley, where delicious Turkish food is prepared daily, is also below deck. A dinghy with an outboard is often used to reach shore for excursions. Usually a windsurf is available for guests to use, as well as snorkeling equipment. Normally, gulets have a crew of 3 to 4: a captain, a cook, and one or two deck hands. Safety is of the utmost importance to us. All passenger vessels have to comply with stringent Turkish Coast Guard safety regulations.

The Turquoise Coast

With its unmatched natural beauty and fascinating ancient ruins, Turkey's Aegean & Mediterranean coast has much to offer. The turquoise waters provide a beautiful contrast with the green pine trees and mountains which sweep right down to the coast. The villages and towns which are scattered along the coast are inhabited by the most hospitable people. You can have an unmatched vacation cruising along the Lycian coast aboard a Turkish gulet. Carefully planned itineraries allow you to go ashore and walk among the ruins of ancient settlements. Your tour leader will be with you throughout the trip to organize land tours and help with any request you may have. Experienced crew members make every effort to help you enjoy your vacation. Generally the Turkish Mediterranean coast is calm between May and October. During the summer, a refreshing breeze begins to blow around noon and diminishes by late afternoon. This cool breeze makes cruising a pleasure. Seasickness is usually not a concern on our cruises. The sea is usually calm and, if necessary, the captain will cruise early in the morning to ensure a smooth passage. All of the marinas and coves we anchor in are well-protected waters. Sailing aboard a gulet allows you to fully appreciate the many enchanting small bays and coves that you may never experience on a larger boat.

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